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Henan Speedway Industry Co., Ltd.(SPEEDWAY) is a leading railway workshop measurement and test equipment & solution provider in China.
SPEEDWAY's mission is to deliver best-in-class automatic equipment & solutions to rolling stock plants and wheelset maintenance sectors. A full range of products including:Bogie load test equipment, Wheelset measuring equipment, Journal measuring equipment, Axle measuring equipment, Wheel measuring equipment, Bearing measuring equipment, etc.
Our equipment are strictly designed and developed according to operation regulations including:
GB/T 1184-1996《Geometrical tolerancing--Geometrical tolerance for features without individual tolerance indications》
GB/T 1804-2000《General tolerances Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications》
GB/T 5226.1《Safety of machinery­--Electrical equipment of machines--Part 1:General requirements》
TB/T 2782-1997《General Technical Specifications for Weighing Platform for Rolling Stock》
China Railway Transportation Bureau Rules [2016] No. 191《Assembly, Maintenance and Management Rules of Freight Car Wheel & Axle》
Our equipment & solutions can also be customized to fulfill various requirements of all rail systems ranging from locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, metros, to high speed trains and so on.
SPEEDWAY helps make tough jobs easier, improve test & measuring efficiency and reduce human negligence & error.
300+ products are in operation in 16 rolling stock plants & 25 depots in China, the most rapidly developing railway network in the world.

Product & Solutions
Applicable for All Rail Systems
The Wheelset Measuring Equipment is a kind of metr

The Wheelset Measuring Equipment, also named by some people as Wheelset Measuring Stand, Wheelset Measuring System, Wheelset Measurement System, is a kind of me

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Speedway is participating Rail Solutions Asia 2023

Meet with Speedway at Booth No. 5 at Rail Solutions Asia 2023. Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia. May 24-26, 2023

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Henan Speedway lndustry Co., Ltd
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Manufactory: Block #3, Yida S&T Complex, Jianzhan Rd, Zhengzhou, China
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