The Wheelset Measuring Equipment is a kind of metrology instrument.

The Wheelset Measuring Equipment, also named by some people as Wheelset Measuring Stand, Wheelset Measuring System, Wheelset Measurement System, is a kind of metrology machine which is used to automatically inspects new or reconditioned railroad wheelsets of all vehicle systems ranging from locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, metros, to high speed trains and so on. The Wheelset Measuring Equipment measures Wheel diameter, Flange thickness, Rim thickness, Rim width, Back-to-back, Max. difference of 3 back-to-backs, Circular wear of wheel tread, Axle body diameter, Wheel position, Rim inside runout, Circular runout of tread and other parameters. Measurements are archieved automatically in local database at the equipment, and can also be networked to transfer the data to a remote server or another third party. 

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